Angela Tirrell, An Uncommon Artist

Northern California provides a mecca for inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, artisans, and people of extraordinary talents. In the Sonoma Valley the gods have given us an unusual amount of talented people. One extraordinary Californian is Angela Tirrell who is an avid fan of Sonoma Garden Living. Angela has recently agreed to associate with Sonoma Garden Living because of our mutual appreciation of  fine marble sculpture, marble and stone water features  coupled with a shared recognition of beauty contained in all art forms. Additionally she appreciates  the versatility and depth of  our inventory of all stone works,  terracotta, and glazed pottery.

You can see from the few examples of Angela’s artistry that she is a rare and versatile artist. We are proud to be associated with her and all our artist friends at Sonoma Garden Living. To view more of Angela’s artwork please click here.

Custom art work

Kitchen Frieze inspired by l930’s Mexican Pottery
Napa, California


custom painting

Art Deco mural with faux rosewood, ivory and gold leaf
New York penthouse, New York

Custom pianting

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