Belvedere Project

Belvedere Project

The Mandarich Development Corporation CEO traveled to Vienna and was inspired by the Belvedere Gardens and Viennese architecture. His dream was to re-create a Viennese feeling as a theme for one of his developments and thus the Belvedere project came into being in Vallejo, California.
Sonoma Garden Living was commissioned to reproduce such objects commensurate to those observed in Vienna, Austria. One of the most prominent items was a statue of Johann S. Strauss. The experts from Sonoma Garden Living oversaw every step of the creation of all statues constantly consulting with the stone cutters and artisans thus ensuring quality workmanship.

Belvedere Completed

Two years later, from the CEO’s dream to reality, Sonoma Garden Living created these exquisite marble statues, 10 in all, along with other marble sculpt for the interior of the project. All were completed on time and within budget. And all won critical acclaim from our client, Mandarich Development Corporation.

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