Butterfly Feet on a Terracotta Pot

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A Great Idea;  Butterfly Feet on Terracotta Pottery

I recently came across this idea on a Pinterest page and thought that it would make a great summer afternoon project to do with the kids that is fun and have lasting memories. All  you need is a medium terracotta pot,  some water base paint, plus kids  for this fun summer  project. (You can even use dog or cat feet!)

To start, select a  terracotta pot from Sonoma Garden Living and  cover it with a  white under coat of paint. This will mask the orange colour of the terracotta and will prepare the pot for your prime colour. Once dry,  repaint the pot with your final exterior colour. Make sure the colour selected is somewhat a contrast to the colours you will select for the foot imprints. Now that the final colour is painted on to the pot, let dry and prepare your little one for their foot impressions!

On a sheet of butcher paper or news papers, prepare a palette containing an array of colours. Once done, have your young artist stand on it. Carefully imprint the child’s foot on to the terracotta pot. (Remember right foot imprint on left side of the pot, left foot goes on the  right side of the pot.) After the young artist has made an impression, fill in the details of the butterflies body and antenna! Congratulations! You and your little artist created a great memory or a wonderful gift!

Don’t forget, for a great selection of terracotta pottery, come visit us at Sonoma Garden Living! And have fun!!

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