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What Buddha Quote Inspires You?

What  Buddha Quote Inspires You? Buddhism is a philosophy, a moral code, and, for some a religious faith which originated 2,500 years ago in India. It offers a diagnosis of the suffering of mankind and provides a formula for individuals to resolve that suffering. It offers a moral code based on compassion and non-violence. Through  meditation Buddhism offers a way to achieve spiritual insight and provides a path to reach a deeper understanding of the nature of reality. Directing inwards, Buddhism offers a practical way to connect with everyday life and with others. Though the Buddha himself wrote nothing his teaching was...

The Rams Head Fountain in Travertine Marble

The Rams Head Fountain in Travertine Marble One of my favorite travertine fountains is The Rams Head. The animal symbolism of the ram speaks of: Power, Force, Drive, Energy, Virility, Protection, Fearlessness. A look into mythology will reveal the ram was associated with many gods over time. All admirable traits for a god amongst the people! The Celtic god Cernunnus is shown with the ram. Some depictions show him seated with a ram-headed snake by his side a symbolic gesture of renewal and power. In ancient Egypt the god Amun-Ra took on the persona of Khnum, the creator god who was always depicted with a ram’s head. In...

Fine Vineyard Art by Caroline Creamer

Fine Vineyard Art by Caroline Creamer Growing up with a rich tradition of artists dating back to her great-grandmother and grandmother Caroline was entertained  with oil paints, brushes, and canvas. Being surrounded by the artist heritage, Caroline painted before she could read. Over time  her work gained recognition nationally and across the globe.  Occasionally taking a respite from painting, Caroline would return being restless for her love of painting. Good spirited and  joyful, Caroline has captivated us with her personality and artistry. We, at Sonoma Garden Living are proud to have on display an exquisite collection of...


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Containers of New Pottery Has Arrived!

Containers of New Pottery Has Arrived! We have just received our fourth shipment of pottery!  Our first shipment of pottery comes from Mexico .  It contains terracotta pottery casted in  molded classical designs in exquisite patina colours . Each pottery style was ordered in three different patina colours in pairs only so please, shop early for best selection.The Mexican  shipment also contained a beautiful  assortment of Majclica pottery and metal outdoor wall hanging artwork  as well as various patina animal figures!And last but not least, we also received several Chimeneas in three different sizes! The next three containers of...

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