Sonoma Garden Living is proud to introduce Paul Cohen, artist and painter.Paul has the background, knowledge, and depth of experience to recreate an old world look to new building structures inside or out. He does so by utilitizing various types of decorative finishes as well as employing a wide variety of colors, which include a rustic mottled look of centuries old plaster, a smooth textured marble look,a Tuscan stone or travertine look,as well as a look of Venetian plaster and other Italian style finishes.
Paul can also can create entire wall murals. He an expert in painting and art restoration

His education in finishes started in Israel, then to art school in Bologne, France.While in Stockholm in 1978 Paul met Stig Andersson, a master in recreating and restoring old finishes to buildings.Paul was so impressed by Stigs techiniques he began an association that would last for more than twenty five years. During that time they traveled all over Europe restoring frescos in churches, marbleized pillars and other surfaces, and worked on the facades of old houses. Some of the projects took as long as two years.
Cohen considers Andersson his hero. “I was his right hand. He taught me all the secrets. Andersson was never married and had no children, so he took me under his wing and passed along all his knowledge.”

A major project brought Paul and his family to Marin County and has lived here for many years.

Sonoma Garden Living is proud to be associated with Paul Cohen. We are now able to offer his expertise and services for  projects that may entail an old world charm. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Paul to discuss your needs.


Paul applied color to the fountain above which originally was bone white.

The cabinet above was faux painted by Paul Cohen.

The walls to the church interior was fauxed by Paul Cohen.

Mural was done by Paul Cohen using 400 year old techniques.

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