Odds and Ends

What are Odds and Ends?

Miscellaneous items, fragments and remnants, as in I’ve finished putting everything away, except for a few odds and ends. This expression may have originated as odd ends in the mid-1500s, meaning “short leftovers of some material” (such as lumber or cloth). It had acquired its present form and meaning by the mid-1700s. At Sonoma Garden Living the term ‘odds and ends’ has a unique meaning, Hidden Treasure!

Over the years, unusual buys have come our way such as antique Egyptian doors or a marble bath tub! (The bath tub is actually one of two that were bought for a home in Tiburon .) All treasures have a story to tell and give our grounds a certain personality. So, on your next visit to the Carneros wine region of the Sonoma Valley stop by and say hello! Nature is painting a beatiful pallet in the valley. Enjoy, it’s wine tasting and a treasure hunt in Sonoma!

And yes, we have one of the largest selections of clay garden pots, an extensive array of wrought iron products, garden statues and ornaments in the San Francisco Bay Area,

Happy Hunting,

The Sonoma Garden Living Family

The Rams Head Fountain in Travertine Marble

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The Rams Head Fountain in Travertine Marble

One of my favorite travertine fountains is The Rams Head.

The animal symbolism of the ram speaks of: Power, Force, Drive, Energy, Virility, Protection, Fearlessness.
A look into mythology will reveal the ram was associated with many gods over time. All admirable traits for a god amongst the people!

The Celtic god Cernunnus is shown with the ram. Some depictions show him seated with a ram-headed snake by his side a symbolic gesture of renewal and power.

In ancient Egypt the god Amun-Ra took on the persona of Khnum, the creator god who was always depicted with a ram’s head.

In Scandinavia, Thor was close with the ram, and was fabled to use rams to pull his chariot.
Other gods connected to the strong-willed ram are:

  • Zeus (Greece)
  • Apollo (Greece)
  • Agni (India)
  • Indra (India)
  • Hermes (Roman)
  • Ea (Middle East)
  • Baal (Middle East)

Posing strong and daunting the travertine stone marble Rams Head fountain (shown above)  currently adorns a beautiful Tuscan garden at The Vineyard Inn. He majestically stands 3’H x 2’L x 1’D and is one of two in our inventory. How mighty a pair would make in the right landscape setting! Like what you see? Click here for more.

The Ram Head travertine marble fountain: $4,900. f.o.b. Sonoma

Unrivaled Sculptured Celery Green Marble Bench

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Unrivaled Sculptured Celery Green Marble Bench

It’s inviting, it’s sculpture, simple and elegant. Most importantly this beautiful carving is also a  bench that is hand carved in a celery green marble. Though I am featuring this  hand carved piece of tranquility in the category of Odds and Ends it really belongs in a separate category, perhaps ‘Unique’.After you first behold and admire this unrivaled sculpture, your second instinct will be to sit, form yourself, and blend with its contour. Your garden guests will too. Imagine this bench surrounded by a bed of flowers over looking the gentle slope of a valley and you enveloped by it witnessing a glorious sunset. Come, behold and sit on a stunning sculpture piece This Hidden Treasure is available only at Sonoma Garden Living.

$7,900 f.o.b. Sonoma

51″h x 51″l x 21″w

Bronze Statues of a Dauntless Wolf and a Determined Defiant Indian Warrior

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Bronze Statues of a Dauntless Wolf and a Determined Defiant Indian Warrior

Two iconic figures in American lore, a Dauntless Wolf and a Defiant Determined Indian Warrior. In this case, both represented as bronze castings. The Dauntless Wolf sits atop a rock looking outward from behind an wrought iron gate that separates the highway from our Sculpt Garden. Created by Jordi Estaragues, Dauntless Wolf stands 29″ and is 30″ long. No one dares enter uninvited seeing the gaze from him! Standing beside the Dauntless Wolf is a Defiant and Determined Indian Warrior.

Originally for a Tiburon home that had a view of the city of San Francisco and the bay, this Defiant Determined Indian Warrior is now a central element in our Sculpt Garden. By himself, he stands eleven feet but upon the rock he towers  fourteen feet overall. Looking at him you can see defiance and his determination by his posture and facial expression. To me he has a determined  will to succeed and  has summoned nature to make it so.

The two bronze cast works are very unique that’s why  Landscape architects come to us from all over the San Francisco Bay Area for quality pottery, custom wrought iron gates, stone and marble fountains, and unique statuary.

Dauntless Wolf: $14,000.

Defiant and Determined Indian Warrior:$169,000.

Two Unique Pieces That Are Odds And Ends

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Two Unique Pieces That Are Odds And Ends

Hands wrapped around a revolving marble ball that rotates when activated with water. This unique fountian rests on a base that is 24″ square and has a height of 30″ and sells for $4,500. Of course we have a large selection of marble fountains in various designs that could be more suitable to your landscape ideas. Please click here for a tour of our gallery of stone and marble fountains. Landscape contractors from all over the San Francisco Bay Area visit us for their landscaping needs. You should too!

Then there is the lovely unfinished statue of ‘Virginia” (the stone mason died) which is carved in white marble and stands 64″ tall. Beautiful and alluring even though unfinished, Virginia sells for $9,000. And like before, if Virginia is too ‘Odd’ for you please click here to view more stone, marble statues, and sculpt stone that are actually finished!

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