Sonoma Valley Hospital Norman Gilroy Healing Center

Norman Gilroy Healing Garden

On April 4, Sonoma Valley Hospital celebrated the dedication of their new Healing Garden to longtime hospital supporter, Norman Gilroy. Inspired by CEO Kelly Mather, the garden was made possible through the passion, planning and execution by Human Resources Director Paula Davis, Facilities Director Jorge Alvarado , Rosa Construction, and Waldron’s Landscaping. Both donated time and materials.Healing Garden was designed by Marah Marlette,who with the landscape designers selected the beautiful Lotus jade marble fountain. It compliments the herb and flower garden that surround it.

Also in the garden are two attractive 60″ round hand laid mosaic and marble tables. Because of our extensive inventory of stone and marble fountains Sonoma Valley Hospital was able to find the right fountain and the perfect outdoor tables!

Please take a tour of the Healing Garden dedicated to Norman Gilroy, April 4, 2012

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