After weeks of reviewing old and new designs, negotiating prices with our suppliers and manufacturers in Europe and Asia, we finally placed terra cotta and glazed pottery orders expecting arrival early Spring of 2013!

Our goal, as always, is to provide our customers with a terra cotta pot that will give years of service and have fine detail. To that end, Peter only negotiates with those suppliers who can  provide us with a superior product at value pricing. For example, Peter only buys from those  who use quality clay that contained the right amount of iron content which gives the fired body a yellow, orange, red, “terra cotta”, pink, grey, or brown color. He gauges the clay of the terrra cotta vessels making sure that they have proper thickness and provide a ‘clear ring’.

Kilm firing temperature and the distribution of the heat is another consideration that must be taken when we engage a manufacturer. Peter insists that kilm firing is at least 1000 degrees  centigrade and above. The higher  the kilm firing, the more frost resistant the pottery, (and more brown in color the pottery becomes). And lastly, fine detail on ornate terra cotta pottery is mandatory.

Whether an ornate terra cotta pot is  thrown by hand or formed from a mold, detail is important. A finely detailed terra cotta pot stands out and speaks of craftsmanship. It also projects an air of fine elegance, therefore, Peter is overly critical and insists that all of our ornate terra cotta pottery contain clean, finely detailed lines from our suppliers.

As you can tell, we are excited about our Spring 2013 line of fine terra cotta pottery. You will too! As our delivery date approaches, we will make an announcement so that you can visit us in time for spring planting!

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