The Rams Head Fountain in Travertine Marble

The Rams Head Fountain in Travertine Marble

One of my favorite travertine fountains is The Rams Head.

The animal symbolism of the ram speaks of: Power, Force, Drive, Energy, Virility, Protection, Fearlessness.
A look into mythology will reveal the ram was associated with many gods over time. All admirable traits for a god amongst the people!

The Celtic god Cernunnus is shown with the ram. Some depictions show him seated with a ram-headed snake by his side a symbolic gesture of renewal and power.

In ancient Egypt the god Amun-Ra took on the persona of Khnum, the creator god who was always depicted with a ram’s head.

In Scandinavia, Thor was close with the ram, and was fabled to use rams to pull his chariot.
Other gods connected to the strong-willed ram are:

  • Zeus (Greece)
  • Apollo (Greece)
  • Agni (India)
  • Indra (India)
  • Hermes (Roman)
  • Ea (Middle East)
  • Baal (Middle East)

Posing strong and daunting the travertine stone marble Rams Head fountain (shown above)  currently adorns a beautiful Tuscan garden at The Vineyard Inn. He majestically stands 3’H x 2’L x 1’D and is one of two in our inventory. How mighty a pair would make in the right landscape setting! Like what you see? Click here for more.

The Ram Head travertine marble fountain: $4,900. f.o.b. Sonoma

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