We’re Proud to Introduce Renowned Artist Larry Greenwood

Sonoma Garden Living is proud to announce our association with renowned landscape architect and artist, Larry Greenwood. Larry has spent his life surrounded by nature. Graduating from the University of California, Berkeley with a BA in Landscape Architecture, Larry has designed many colourful and creative gardens in the Napa Valley. Among his creations is the beautiful open-air I. World Sculpture Gallery located within the Auberge du Soleil. Amid a flowing stream, 110 figurative and abstract works , meandering paths through one hundred -year-old olive, Larry created a peaceful and harmonious blend of open space and nature for guests to enjoy. However, Greenwood was compelled to bring life onto paper and canvas.

 In 1991 he was drawn to an unopened box of pastel chalk that he had been carrying around for years. “I was inspired to finally feel those pieces of chalk in my hand and watch the colors emerge on the paper,” Greenwood said.“When I opened the box it was as though a door opened. Images began to flood into my imagination. My art is the expression of my true creative essence. I allow it to flow through me unfiltered. When my clients are drawn to my artwork, they connect to much more than just beauty,” Greenwood explains. “My intention is to create an environment that is meaningful to my client, that is a blend of both function and artistry.” And with inhalated spirit, Larry began to create bring life onto canvas.

Now he has brought some of his magnificent artwork to our store. Needless say we are thrilled to be able to display some of Larry Greenwoods splendid canvases. Please take the time and view some of his work on this page or on your next visit to the Carneros wine region of Sonoma stop by our store and view all of our Larry Greenwood  collection in person!



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