What Buddha Quote Inspires You?

What  Buddha Quote Inspires You?

Buddhism is a philosophy, a moral code, and, for some a religious faith which originated 2,500 years ago in India. It offers a diagnosis of the suffering of mankind and provides a formula for individuals to resolve that suffering. It offers a moral code based on compassion and non-violence. Through  meditation Buddhism offers a way to achieve spiritual insight and provides a path to reach a deeper understanding of the nature of reality. Directing inwards, Buddhism offers a practical way to connect with everyday life and with others.

Though the Buddha himself wrote nothing his teaching was communicated entirely orally and the details we have today are from the writings many years after his death. One saying of Buddha that resonates with me is, ‘The mind is everything. What you think you become.’ This statement to me is infinite and beautiful.

Tell us your inspiring saying by Buddha. Use any amount of words. All responses will be thoughtful, I am sure, however, the  most thoughtful response will receive a terracotta image of Buddha like the one pictured below free. Please send your thoughts via the field below by August 31st and please,  don’t forget your contact information The most thoughtful response will be announced that week.

Terracotta Buddha is 12″h x 7″sq and has infinite value!


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