What Makes a Good Strawberry Pot?

14" sq x 32.5"h

14″ sq x 32.5″h


A good strawberry pot is an excellent way to grow food in vertical space. It’s especially useful when all you’ve got in the way of good light is a tiny patch on the balcony. Growing vertically allows you to get as much as you can out of that tiny patch. And they look pretty darn nice too. I like to fill mine with drapey plants that cascade over the sides. The trick to using them is in choosing the right kind of pot, and the right plants for that pot. Two features of a good strawberry pot to have are:

  Large Pockets: Big pockets make planting the pots up a whole lot easier. Anything under 3 is impossible to work with. it also is good to have pockets that have lips so that they can  support the roots while the plant gets itself established and provides more root space between plants. Lipped pots are also easier to water since the water has time to soak in rather than running straight out of the holes. When watering these pots direct the flow to the top of the pot and then to each pocket individually. This insures that the plants aren’t sitting there in dry soil while only the top and middle of the pot gets wet.

  Pockets with Lips: Lipped pockets have a slightly raised side that keeps soil in while the roots grow. Eventually the roots will develop and hold everything in. A good  trick for pots with lips is to shove a bit of coir liner in there to stabilize the soil. Try covering the hole with landscape fabric or newspaper before adding soil. Also, strawberry pots are known for having water distribution problems. One trick many gardeners have turned to is to insert a piece of PVC pipe with tiny holes drilled throughout, down into the center of the pot at planting time. When you pour water into the pipe, the water flows down and trickles through the holes, allowing water to reach all nooks and crannies in the pot.

Needless to say, our strawberry pots pass all of the above requirements for good growing. Our pockets are nicely  spaced, have pockets of 3″ with generous lips for each of the 12 well placed pockets  on the 14″sq x 32.5″h terracotta strawberry pot.

Whether planting assorted herbs such as thyme,oregano, mint, or strawberries, our terracotta strawberry pots will serve you well. Happy Planting!

Strawberry terracotta pot $199.  f.o.b. Sonoma

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